5 Women Athletes Who Made India Proud But We Ignored Them

women athletes who made India proud

India is a land of dichotomies. On one side we uphold the status of women as Goddess, and on another they are subjected to atrocities and left to suffer in silence. On one hand we support “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao” campaign and on the other hand thousands of dreams are crushed due to patriarchy. In spite of all these challenges, some of them still rise through all the odds and make it to the top. They make us proud but what do we do? Nothing! At the most we update a status on social media. Today, there are many women athletes who made India proud but now are suffering in poverty and neglect. Imagine something like this happening to a cricket player or a Bollywood celebrity! The entire country would raise up in arms. Are these women daughters of some lesser god? Why don’t we raise our voice for them?

Rio Olympics is going to start soon. Many of us would start mocking our own country for not winning as many medals as countries like USA, China, Russia would win. Before mocking just remember how many times have you watched sports other than cricket and supported Indians wholeheartedly even if they are the underdogs? Sports culture of a country is not shaped only by athletes and other sports person but to a larger extent by the audience. Its time we introspect and come forward to help and support whom we have neglected.

5 Women Athletes Who Made India Proud But We Ignored Them

What is your opinion on such sad state of affairs in the country? Do you think popularity of cricket is responsible for decline of other sports in India?  Click here to voice your opinion on this issue or Download Swipe App and start voicing your opinion on issues that impact India.


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