CRY Organizes ‘Soccer for Child Rights’ at Bangalore

CRY soceer for child rights, CRY partners with Swipe

After the stupendous success of ‘Soccer for Child Rights’ in Chennai, CRY (Child Rights and You), a leading NGO for child rights organized its first edition of ‘Soccer for Child Rights’ tournament at Bangalore on Saturday.

17 Corporate teams including Flipkart, Oracle, PwC, Infosys, Mercedes took part in the tournament, with Flipkart winning the tournament. All the teams contested against Slum Children Sports Talent Education Development Society (SCSTEDS), which represented CRY.

The main aim behind organizing this tournament has been to inspire and motivate slum children to continue believing in themselves. Suma Ravi, Regional Director, CRY (South) explained, “ The tournament was conceptualized as a platform for the SCSTEDS players to draw inspiration from the lives and achievements of corporate employees which we believed would act as a catalyst for them to study further rather than opting out of the school and plunging into an uncertain future.”  

Also, it sensitizes corporate employees about the reality of situations about these children. It works on mending the gaps that class and economic disparity by default creates. “Besides, it would also sensitize the ‘corporate employees and players’ on the realities/situation of children from urban deprived communities and learn from the dignified confidence and resilience of the children. The SCSTEDS boys showed immense courage and determination during Chennai floods by reaching out to people who were stranded,” Suma Ravi added.

CRY Soccer for child rights, CRY partners with Swipe

This first edition of CRY’s soccer tournament in Bangalore was warmly welcomed by a lovely enthusiastic crowd. It’s moments like these that create a big difference in the lives of those who otherwise receive no appreciation. This platform works as a mutual learning process for both corporate employees and SCSTEDS players. Through the medium of sports these children develop life skills and learn the nuances of living a dignified life.

CRY supported partner, Slum Children Sports Talent Education Development Society (SCSTEDS) has effectively used sport as a medium to bring about a progressive change in the lives of children living in slum communities of Vyasarpadi. The project has been a positive influence on many children and prevented several from going astray. Over the years, over 40+ children have played in various district, state, national, and even international tournaments.

CRY soccer for child Rights, Cry partners with Swipe

One step at a time, makes the whole journey possible. The road to child empowerment is a long one, but surely the one that needs every bit of effort and courage. CRY is doing its bit for over 30 years. CRY along with its partners has worked with parents and communities to ensure Lasting Change in the lives of more than 20 Lakh underprivileged children.

Swipe’s aim is to work towards this process of transformation that enables individuals, communities, society, nation and the world into a better place.

Swipe partners with NGOs to bring change in the society using SWIPE data. We take each issue based on its merit and demerit and engage people in fruitful and sincere discussion. We believe in taking responsibility by engaging with NGOs, Civil society organisations, media and government and ensure that public opinion reaches it’s right place.

A big shout of applause to all the amazing people of CRY soccer team!

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