7 things Dads do the best



For supporting us through thick and thin. For all those life lessons. For saving us from Mom’s wrath. And ofcourse, for being an ATM. Thank you Papa, for being a super hero!

We managed to conjure up a list of things Dads do the best. Happy Father’s Day!



While Mothers and kids are usually shrieking, it is the Macho Dad, who sets up mouse traps in the house. Well, most Moms do it too.




Especially on this occasion, let’s not forget the#DadJokes!

Does your dad make terrible jokes too?



Rajma Chawal + Sugar
Chai + Chicken
.. recipes only Dads can come up with.



Effortlessly and elegantly managing work and home.. and never get the praise they deserve!



“Why waste space in the fridge!” seems to be the motto of every Dad in the world. Kidding..



You just name it, your dad will find a way to make it happen! What is your one wish your dad made possible?



Keeping secrets from mom. Our partner in crime..

Shhh.. don’t spill all your secrets here! Just tag your dad. This will be your secret code.


Share with us the proud moments where your dad finished all the food in the fridge. Make sure to tag him to remind him of the heroic day! Happy Father’s day!

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