63% Bangaloreans want an immediate end to waste dumping in Lakes

save lakes in bangalore

As per the findings of the Swipe Opinion Matters poll, 63% Bangaloreans opined “Yes” to support immediate stopping of dumping all kinds of waste into lakes. The question #SaveLakes : Should dumping of waste in lakes be stopped immediately?was put open to public vote on 7th of May 2016.

The question is inspired in particular by deterioration in the ecosystem of Kundalahalli lake in Bengaluru city due to huge amount of construction waste being dumped into the lake. The lake also faces severe threat from sewage inflow. Bengaluru once dotted 800 lakes but at present only about 200 lakes have survived.  

lakes in bangalore

                Source: Deepa, Ramachandra & Kiran (1996)

In 1973 the wetlands attributed to 3.40% of the total area in Bengaluru. In 2007 it had sharply reduced to 1.47%. Rapid construction over wetlands and decrease in tree cover in last 2 decades has largely been attributed to the unusual rise in temperature and the severe water shortage being witnessed in the city. 

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Source: IISc(2007)

A study conducted by Karnataka Pollution Control Board on 70 lakes shows they are extremely polluted. According to this study 31 lakes were being used for dumping domestic sewage, 5 for domestic and industrial sewage and 32 for solid waste.

bbmp waste bangalore

  Source: Narayan (2005)

People who voted ‘Yes’:

63% of the Bangaloreans voted Yes and supported their vote through comments. Their comments reflect a sentiment which echoes the findings of the recent study by Indian Institute of Science as per which Bengaluru will become unlivable in coming years due to shortage of water.

Comments received:

    • “Lakes are one of the major sources of water. It should be totally banned to throw wastes in lake”
    • we humans r selfish. We think everything is for us & we can do anything with it…What about other creatures????…Stop being selfish coz its gonna hurt us badly someday or the other… jiyo aur jeene do”
    • “Definitely yes! Dumping of waste into lakes is causing a lot of pollution. Ulsoor lake was on fire a couple of months ago.

People who voted ‘No’:

Out of the total votes polled, 37% Bangaloreans have swiped “No”. The comments favouring No raise a valid argument citing lack of garbage dumping facilities available to both the common man and industries. Unless, proper waste disposal mechanism is not available, the dumping will continue to pollute one natural resource or the other. The outskirts of Bengaluru are an apt example with huge landfills of waste.

Comments received:

  • “People are also helpless. Unless the city has a proper sewage disposal system there will be no end to the dumping of the wastes. Immediate stopping is not a solution unless there is a proper waste disposal system”.


Taking into consideration the total votes polled and comments posted, most of the people want an immediate end to the practice of waste dumping in lakes. However, along with it they also want a reliable and functional waste disposal system.

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