73% Bangaloreans hold lack of dustbins responsible for littering of Bengaluru


As per the findings of Swipe Opinion Matters poll, 73% Bangaloreans swiped Yes to blame lack of garbage bins as the prime reason behind littering of Bengaluru city. The question “Is lack of garbage bins the reason behind littering of Bengaluru?” was put open to public vote on 14th May 2016.

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Presently Bengaluru is facing massive garbage crisis which many have described as “ticking time bomb”. Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palika (BBMP) is performing door to door waste collection which is afterwards segregated into dry and wet. After waste collection, the wet waste goes into waste treatment plants where as dry waste goes to the landfills. However, protests by the villagers against landfills in their backyards has escalated the garbage crisis. Since, villagers are not allowing BBMP to dump waste in their backyard, contractors employed by BBMP are not collecting waste on a daily basis. As a result, waste is being littered by public on roads. To tackle this BBMP is rethinking on introducing bin system which was abandoned in year 2000. At present around 8000 black spots have been identified which are littered daily.


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People who voted ‘Yes’:

Out of total polled 73% Swipe Users held lack of dustbins responsible for littering of Bengaluru. Majority of the votes and comments are in favour of increasing the number of bins across the city.

Comments Received:

  • “This is not a problem of Bangalore but all over India. Many times we aren’t able to find a dustbin to throw trash. Even now we are giving Swachh Bharat cess but still i am not able to see any sought of improvement”
  • “ Dustbins should be provided but they should be segregated into two..one for wet and one for dry so that BBMP finds it easy to collect it from there”
  • “ Dustbins should be provided but they should be segregated into two..one for wet and one for dry so that BBMP finds it easy to collect it from there”

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People who voted No:

Out of the total votes polled, 27% Swipe Users have swiped No and reasoned against the argument making lack of bins as reason behind garbage issue of the city. People blamed public mentality,  and attitude towards cleanliness as major hindrances.


Comments Received:

  • “ The change must be forged in the attitude of people. Unavailability of garbage bins doesn’t justify littering. Many times i see people throwing waste on the roads even if there is a dustbin”
  • “Even if different dustbins are provided for wet and dry..people will still mess it up and mix up the waste. The issue is of attitude and willingness to change it which people sadly lack”


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Taking into consideration the number of votes polled, people want to see an increase in the number of dustbins placed across the city. They want dustbins to be scientifically segregated into dry and waste for ease in proper disposal by BBMP. However, at the same time change in attitude towards cleanliness is a must and needs to be brought in for a clean and green Bengaluru.

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4 years 2 months ago

Let me tell you issues from my experience:
– First, as you mentioned, no fixed dustbins
– Irregular sweepers, and garbage collectors. In our area, it will be a topic of PHD to find out time and schedule of the garbage collectors.
– Garbage Mafia raaj
– Complete lack of responsibility towards citizens