63% Bangaloreans want an immediate end to waste dumping in Lakes

As per the findings of the Swipe Opinion Matters poll, 63% Bangaloreans opined “Yes” to support immediate stopping of dumping all kinds of waste into lakes. The question “ #SaveLakes : Should dumping of waste in lakes be stopped immediately?” was put open to public vote on 7th of May 2016. The question is inspired in particular by deterioration in the ecosystem […]

73% Bangaloreans hold lack of dustbins responsible for littering of Bengaluru

As per the findings of Swipe Opinion Matters poll, 73% Bangaloreans swiped Yes to blame lack of garbage bins as the prime reason behind littering of Bengaluru city. The question “Is lack of garbage bins the reason behind littering of Bengaluru?” was put open to public vote on 14th May 2016.   Presently Bengaluru is facing massive garbage crisis which many […]

“Why visiting a psychiatrist is still seen as a taboo….”

There is a saying,”Sound mind means healthy body”. And what exactly do these phrases mean? It conveys a simple truth about the understanding of a peaceful life. The Trinity of life, mind body and the spirit which are supposed to function together harmoniously, accounts for a healthy state of a living being. But what happens when the harmony is disturbed? That’s […]