Here’s how climate change in Ladakh is forcing locals to adapt to it

climate change in ladakh

Ladakh is a region in the Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir extending from Kun Lun Shan Mountains in the north to The Great Himalayas in the south. It is a famous tourist spot and is known for its beauty and extreme temperature which falls as low as -45° Celsius in the Dras sector. In last two decades Ladakh is increasingly witnessing the impact of climate change despite having low local pollution level. The climate change is changing the landscape of Ladakh at a faster pace. While snowfall has reduced in last two decades, the glaciers are melting at a faster rate causing flood and threatening the livelihood of farmers. Erratic cloud bursts are causing sudden flash floods leading to loss of life and property.

In short, people of Ladakh are facing a huge challenge posed by climate change. However, they have not given up. With determination and proper scientific planning they are putting up a brave fight. Today we bring to you a video which shows how climate change in Ladakh is forcing locals to adapt to it.

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