Gender Inequality in India: Time to Let Go of the Silence


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Gender discrimination! A practise that doesn’t wait to see the light of the day, or the dark of a quiet night. It is followed and played out in full patriarchal consensus – with pride, with force, with fear, with conditioning.

In India, the struggle to find balance between men and women and their respective synergies is for real. And it becomes particularly difficult when these discriminatory guidelines are backed up by religious principles. A number of reasons contribute to gender disparity in India – poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, social customs, lack of awareness in women etc.

However, there are ways to talk about it. And one such way is social experiments. They provide that necessary trigger which allows a problem to come forth and create space for rational intervention. Gender discrimination can only be tackled one step at at time. It has to hit us, pinch us, till we break lose and raise our voice.

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