‘Intolerance’ or Loss of Sense?

Growing intolerance in India

Season of mangoes is over. Not that I am a big fan, but there is something about this ‘kingly’ fruit that you just can’t resist. And I am talking about real mangoes, that are meant to be eaten, and not seduced. There is a stark difference these days – about how something is meant to be and what it ends up becoming.

As the sale epidemic covers the market, I happen to think about how old never really gets old. We just oscillate between then, now and then again. Everything that was once, a famous fashion trend has again found its way into our wardrobes with new packaging.

My Way or Highway


While munching on paneer with cheese sub for lunch, I learnt about this interesting piece of news, where a couple in Kanpur called off their marriage because they had a difference of opinion on Modi’s economic policy. The girl was a govt employee, I am guessing deeply annoyed by the 7th Pay Commission and the boy was a businessman, obviously beyond happy with Namo norms in the sector. Their discussion led to an angry spat, and the parents of both, to be bride and to be groom who were busy doing their own ‘chai pe charcha’, had to hurriedly gulp down the freshly made motichoor ladoos nearly choking on the strangeness of the entire episode.

There has been a lot of buzz around tolerance, intolerance and loss of sense recently. People are just waiting to get angry and disagree with something, anything. Food, clothes, surname, color, skin type, face wash – just name it!

Is it the overdose of packaged food, with extra onions that is causing this dramatic gastritis of frustrated farts? Or is our toothpaste not salty enough? History has been a witness to many wars, battles, clashes, riots, also reforms and revolutions. As part of evolution, there has been destruction and construction of cities, ideologies, law and culture. Then what is it about now, that makes everything and everyone so bothered.

The Real Issue

Intolerance in India

One reason could be the loud decibels of screaming news channels. Splitting the screen into 1 dozen pieces, showing mugshots of puzzled guests and a large zoomed in frame of a pissed off anchor, news nowadays is like listening to the rap version of an Altaf Raja song. Rest of the mess is done on social media. And now that facebook has extra emoticons to show your deepest emotion, the mess has become colorful too.

Suddenly, there will be an uproar of strong emotional uprising of collective disagreement on social, anti-social, and aunty-social issues but the fire of this macho display would shrivel even before midnight.

What happens to the love for country, culture and values while throwing garbage on the road. Singing national anthem is important but speaking up when a woman gets harassed is also equally important. Being indifferent is also a form of intolerance.

We can continue to accept this new madness or come to our senses and learn to agree and disagree without slicing each other’s throat. Respect opinions and value differences. There are much larger issues and problems than worrying about the crow that sat on a minister’s car. Embrace the now, and build a rational future. Nothing goes out of fashion.

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4 years 2 months ago

Brilliant article!

Pankaj Gosain
4 years 2 months ago

Beautifully written.

4 years 2 months ago

Great article! Agree with you that we should learn to respect others’opinion and value differences.