Maharashtra Postgraduates are giving exams for coolies’ posts

M.Phil and Post Graduates apply for coolies’ post

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India continues to struggle when it comes to solving the issue of unemployment. On one side our humongous number of engineering colleges and institutions of higher education continue to churn out thousands of engineers, doctorates and post-graduates every year while on the other side the lack of employment opportunities renders them unemployed and underemployed. Most of them pursue jobs which are far below their educational qualifications if they are able to find any. What happened recently in Maharashtra is just another sad example of the unemployment crisis of India.

The case of Maharashtra

Maharashtra government had recently issued job openings for the post of ‘hamal'(porter) commonly known as ‘Coolie’. In an interview with The Indian Express, Maharashtra Public Service Commission(MPSC) Secretary Rajendra Mangrulkar said that the examination was being conducted for five ‘hamal’ posts which fall under class D. He further stated that MPSC had advertised for these posts in December 2015 and commission had received applications from 2424 candidates including 984 graduates, 5 MPhil degree holders , 9 PG diploma holders and 253 PG degree holders. The minimum educational qualification required for the post is just fourth standard pass. A written examination will be held in the month of August.

Counsellor Vivek Kumar told The Times of India that the numbers speak volumes about unemployment in the state. He further stated “Why would a degree holder want to become a porter? Unemployment probably makes them think something is better than nothing.”

Unemployment: A socio-economic problem in India

poverty ratio in India                                                                                              Source

As per “68th round of the Employment and Unemployment Situation Among Major Religious Groups In India” report published by Ministry of Statistics, the unemployment rate in rural areas has increased to 4.5%. It states that unemployment rate in urban areas has decreased but continues to be higher than rural unemployment at 5.9%. At present around 31% of Indian population resides in urban areas and it is expected to increase because of rural to urban migration.

Solution to employment crisis

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The government of India has launched ambitious initiatives like Skill India and Make in India. While Skill India aims for skill development in Indian labour so as to make it employable with respect to the present needs of market and industry, on the other hand Make in India strives for job creation in manufacturing sector in India by inviting Foreign Direct Investment and encouraging domestic entrepreneurs. It is very disheartening to see highly qualified individuals opting for jobs which don’t do justice to their talent, skill and knowledge. Incidents like these give us a picture of the huge challenge posed by labour problems in India. Unemployment which is one of the reasons of poverty in India needs to be tackled with sincere efforts. We hope government takes cognizance of such incidents and charts out a mechanism or policy to stop such injustice.

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