Maharashtra Postgraduates are giving exams for coolies’ posts

M.Phil and Post Graduates apply for coolies’ post India continues to struggle when it comes to solving the issue of unemployment. On one side our humongous number of engineering colleges and institutions of higher education continue to churn out thousands of engineers, doctorates and post-graduates every year while on the other side the lack of employment opportunities renders them unemployed and […]

7 things Dads do the best

  For supporting us through thick and thin. For all those life lessons. For saving us from Mom’s wrath. And ofcourse, for being an ATM. Thank you Papa, for being a super hero! We managed to conjure up a list of things Dads do the best. Happy Father’s Day!   While Mothers and kids are usually shrieking, it is the […]

One woman’s journey from abuse to Bollywood

As the famous quote from the movie Rocky Balboa goes “it ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward; how much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done!” and that’s how Geeta Tandon did it. Life was not a bed of roses for her. She […]

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A Peek Into the Lives of LGBT People in India

How does it feel like to live a life of rejection? How hard is it to not get accepted for who you are? How can life be lived in a cage of falsehood? The LGBT community of India has been violated, humiliated and condemned by both the society and the law. With Section 377 yet again getting validity by the […]

63% Bangaloreans want an immediate end to waste dumping in Lakes

As per the findings of the Swipe Opinion Matters poll, 63% Bangaloreans opined “Yes” to support immediate stopping of dumping all kinds of waste into lakes. The question “ #SaveLakes : Should dumping of waste in lakes be stopped immediately?” was put open to public vote on 7th of May 2016. The question is inspired in particular by deterioration in the ecosystem […]

same sex marriage in India, gay rights in India, gender disparity

A History of Same Sex Marriage in India

The historic judgment on June 26 2015, turned The United States of America, the 23rd country in the world to legalise same sex marriage. The last three decades of Indian media, however, has covered bans, suicides, violence and more violence against the gay community of India. This community that is still treated as an ‘outcast’ and a bait of cheap […]

Here’s how climate change in Ladakh is forcing locals to adapt to it

Ladakh is a region in the Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir extending from Kun Lun Shan Mountains in the north to The Great Himalayas in the south. It is a famous tourist spot and is known for its beauty and extreme temperature which falls as low as -45° Celsius in the Dras sector. In last two decades Ladakh is […]

Naveen- An Extraordinary Tale

It is just once in a while we come across an extraordinary story that is worth telling. This is one such story of a 12 year old boy who won a national award for his invention. Life has snatched away a lot from Naveen Kumar who hailed from a small village called Madanpalli in Andhra Pradesh. But that did not […]

This video shows what students did when they saw someone being ragged

For long ragging has been associated with educational institutions across India especially the higher education ones. Every summer, apart from the high cutoffs which flood print and electronic media, cases of ragging also attract public attention. Ragging is a damaging form of interaction between the senior students and junior students with potential to cause serious consequences like loss of life, […]

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Social Media Policing – Is this free speech India?

Section 66A of Indian Information Technology, Act 2000, considers it punishable if someone sends “offensive” messages using a computer or any other communication device. If convicted, jail time could be 3 years plus fine. Problem? Well, to call something “offensive” is a very subjective point of view. It leaves a very large room for speculation and a million interpretations. It […]