A Peek Into the Lives of LGBT People in India

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How does it feel like to live a life of rejection? How hard is it to not get accepted for who you are? How can life be lived in a cage of falsehood?

The LGBT community of India has been violated, humiliated and condemned by both the society and the law. With Section 377 yet again getting validity by the Supreme Court of India, the fight to equality is still a far cry. Gender disparity in India is a much deeper issue and when it comes to lesbian, bisexuals and transmen, things take a much ugly turn.

Issues of women are often treated as 2nd class. And in this context, expression of sexuality and sexual preference becomes a much more vulnerable and important matter. Purple skies is a documentary that takes you through the journey of LGBT community of India. Watch the trailer here and take a sneak peek into the lives of those who matter, no matter who they are or whom they love. Download Swipe app now and make your voice count.

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