Should Women Change Their Name Post Marriage?

Man and woman, supposedly one of the finest masterpieces of the creator.

The absolute opposites and most importantly, and ironically, men and women are said to be like the parallel lines which never really intersect but are meant to exist together; of course with obvious contradiction here with respect to intersection. But the matter of fact is that, they are created to be together. Some sayings also point out that they’re two halves of a whole, meant to complete one another. And this completion occurs through a holy bond of marriage.

Marriage is the union of those two halves which are meant to make a whole. But how would this, ‘whole’, be recognised? Should the nomenclature of the, ‘whole’, be based on the surname of the male partner?

Because in doing so, the female partner would perhaps have to get past her maiden name.

The tradition of women changing their maiden name (surname) post marriage has been an issue that creates debates.

Over the ages, women have been considered an asset, a pride, and a recognition, and in doing so, the intention was simple, to provide a rather safer side to the vulnerable and insecure mindset of a woman. Because, she was considered a weaker sex, for her vulnerability and rather insecure nature.

And so, when a woman becomes an official partner of a man, or rather his asset and better half, she would be recognised with the surname of her husband.

But this was not and is still not followed by many communities across the globe.

The idea behind this metamorphosis is that, when a man and a woman are married start a family together, they would have a common family name. It would be easier to register, in certain official documents and also the children would be given the family name.

But, in this conventional era, where battle of the sexes is in prominence and gender equality and freedom of speech have taken a greater stand, and men and women seemingly share an equal space in almost each and every front of the society, the question of women getting past their maiden name has risen up in galore and controversies have occurred.

And so traditions should change accordingly which enable them to make their choices in this accord.

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