This video shows what students did when they saw someone being ragged

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For long ragging has been associated with educational institutions across India especially the higher education ones. Every summer, apart from the high cutoffs which flood print and electronic media, cases of ragging also attract public attention. Ragging is a damaging form of interaction between the senior students and junior students with potential to cause serious consequences like loss of life, mental trauma, sexual abuse among others.

In India, ragging is strictly prohibited and punishable. In 2009 University Grants Commission (UGC) passed UGC REGULATION ON CURBING THE MENACE OF RAGGING IN HIGHER EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS, 2009. These regulation mandate every college to curb the menace of ragging, including strict pre-emptive measures, like lodging freshers in a separate hostel, surprise raids especially at nights by the anti-ragging squad and submission of affidavits by all senior students and their parents taking oath not to indulge in ragging. 

In last decade, the attitude towards ragging has changed tremendously. Not only the freshers condemn it but the seniors also despise this torture. In order to check the public attitude towards ragging a social experiment was conducted. We take you through this video which shows you what students did when they saw someone being ragged.



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