“Why visiting a psychiatrist is still seen as a taboo….”


There is a saying,”Sound mind means healthy body”. And what exactly do these phrases mean?

It conveys a simple truth about the understanding of a peaceful life. The Trinity of life, mind body and the spirit which are supposed to function together harmoniously, accounts for a healthy state of a living being.

But what happens when the harmony is disturbed?

That’s when the problem arises, the healthy state is intervened and the living being lands up in a diseased condition. The disease could be of any origin, but mostly what we counter these days is the six letter word,”STRESS”, this tiny word has such great potential that it can cause a deep impact on a being.

Especially in today’s conventional era where man has to cope up with so many things and the only place he lands up eventually is,”Stress field”. It can hamper performance, make you depressed and eventually make one do unimaginable things. Stress arises due to increased pressure and demand on a being.

We may have reached the moon and back but we’re still humans and have varying intensities of sensitivity. So it is incorrect to call humans Insensitive.

Well well that’s too much of mind talk. Our focus is on whether we need a psychiatrist these days, with so much pressure on the mind not merely because of stress but also due to another obvious reason which can hold a person back from resorting to pay a visit to the healers of the mind, and what likely is the reason?

The Taboo; rather a social stigma, which is often regarded as social embarrassment. It becomes a matter of their image and people simply end up avoiding a visit to the psychiatrist no matter how serious the illness. The cause being hesitance and a fear of being considered insane by their counterparts.

There are two types of people: One who are aware of their problem and know that it is psychiatric and ignore seeing a psychiatrist; Two, those who don’t know they have a psychiatric illness. It is said there is a strong link between mental diseases and physical disorders.

Yet another problem is that, many people with psychiatric problems rely on religion for treatment and turn to doctors only when the problem gets out of hand.

Needless to say, it depends , from person to person , different perspectives, and one’s approach to certain issues. Like mentioned above we have varying degrees of sensitivity. A highly sensitive person might give up easily in a tense situation whereas a less sensitive being may strive more.

But at some point every human gives up, and explodes like a volcano. Not literally though…… 😉

If you think it’s too much to tolerate you could relate to someone close or if that has begun to invade your thinking or hamper your daily activities then it’s wise to meet a psychiatrist rather than thinking of taboos and suffering.

Stress is a part of every human’s life but it depends on the level of optimism one has towards his problems.

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