Women Safety In India


“Being a woman is a terribly difficult task, since it consists principally in dealing with men”, as quoted by Joseph Conrad, is an explicitly wonderful example to demonstrate the vulnerability of women.

Ever since a female is born, she has to equip herself for the challenges ahead of her in the world, everything that constitutes a female is very important; when she is little, she has to be a good, beautiful, obedient daughter and sister, who has to have the best conduct; as she grows her responsibilities of being the most respectable asset of her clan, grows. And so do the other odds.

She plays so many roles throughout her life. And every role has its own beauty and grace.

Despite all the good things of being a female, there are those bad sides that every woman tends to experience in her lifetime. And what are these bad sides?

Ask any woman and she would tell you. 

Almost all women are subjected to exploitation at some point in their lives. Some are so unfortunate that they don’t even get a chance to open their eyes in this world, as they are subjected to foeticide which is so common in India, a land where women are worshipped as goddesses.

There’s more to this; if a female is born, the next big risk would be a fear of being subjected to infanticide . And the series of exploitations follow; earlier it was the young group of women who would fall victim to the most agonising four letter word, ‘RAPE’, but now it’s very sad that child trafficking has become so common. ‘Eve teasing’, is yet another menace, that haunts a majority of women in India. If Eve teasing haunts them outside, their home is also no longer a safer place for women; there is domestic violence, which accounts for a number of homicides and suicides.

Harassment at home, work, society etc., is something that a woman breathes along with oxygen. And what is worse is the fact that women are held responsible for all that they encounter. With the kind of practices prevailing in the Indian society, the religious constraints makes it all the more difficult for Indian women to survive.

Obviously, after all that constant physical and mental torture one would simply prefer death, a fear of being unsafe is tormenting.

Evolution has definitely impacted the society in various accords, women are given freedom but at the cost of their safety. Because despite calling her goddess people have forgotten the fact that a goddess is respected and not handheld and abused. The safety of women is still vulnerable.

But this doesn’t mark the end of the story yet, although it isn’t a story anyhow.

We have to take a look at the other side of the coin too;

If women have been suffering, then there have been men who were as good as a knight in shining armour for the distressed. Not all men are wolves who would pounce at women.

We have great examples from our social reformers like Mahatma Gandhi, Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar etc., Modern age men are equally considerable in this regard, like the legendary Amitabh Bachchan who is well respected by women of all ages, and Shah Rukh Khan encouraging women in his movie, “Chak De India”. These men have worked for the upliftment and security of women and proved that women deserve a fair share of freedom in the society;

And that all men are not hostile and aim at protecting the virtue of women.

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